Nirvana become a neuter on October 25th, at six years old.

Nirvana become a neuter on October 25th, at six years old.

Our darling!

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About Nirvana

This lovely boy is our second Siberian.
 He is just a super boy!

He has many Best In Show  and NOM to his credit,
 Best of all:  he has the most wonderfully temperament a cat can have!
He is just a pleasure to own!
Many thanks to his breeders for letting him come to us!
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Non carrier of colourpoint gen, last HCM test november 2011


Sire Aristarkh Chingi-Tura of Meldgaard, SIB d 22,  RU/DK

GIC Lukian Chingi-Tura, SIB ns 21, RU/-

Nuar Shuherezad Marcell, SIB ns

GIC Lukrecij Marcell from Snezny Bars, SIB ns 23, RU/-

IC Orhidea Bast, SIB ns 23, RU/-

WCH Betsi Chingi-Tura, SIB g 09 21, RU/-

GIC Roman, SIB n 09 22, RU/-

GIC Kitty Chingi-Tura, SIB f 09 21, RU/-

EC Ksenia Chingi-Tura, SIB d 09 23, RU/-

CH Martin Chingi-Tura, SIB d 23, RU/-

WCH Ediger-II Chingi-Tura, SIB e 03

Lisa, SIB f 03 21

GIC Kitty Chingi-Tura, SIB f 09 21, RU/-



Dam IC Orchidea Anusia, SIB fs,  IT/DK

Lavr Dauria, SIB es 11, 4/25/03, RU/IT

IC WCF & CH CFF Uliss Rossity, SIB ns 23, 3/28/01, RU/-

CH Tiger Onix Gloria, SIB ny 23, RU/-

IC (WCF) Rossity Nezhdana, SIB ns 24, 3/17/00, RU/-

Susana Dauria, SIB es 22, RU/-

GIC Kai Kassiy Dauria, SIB d 23, RU/-

CH Anastasia Dauria, SIB fs 21, RU/-

Masha Dauria, SIB n 22, 6/14/03, RU/IT

GIC Untars from Russian Kings of Siberian Forests, SIB ns 09, RU/-

GIC Gedemin Valenvic, SIB ns, RU/-

CH Josefina Onix Gloria, SIB n 09 21, RU/-

CH Kleopatra Dauria, SIB fs 23, 4/27/98, RU/-

CH Gvidon Dauria Sarji, SIB n 23

Ulia Dauria, SIB fs 23, RU/-

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