Our charmer Smoky

Smoky is from the very first CarilloCat litter.
We was not going to keep a boy, but we did fell in love with him! So did stay with us for two  years. He is now neutered and is living as a beloved pet in a lovely family. Smoky sired tre quality litters. One of then in our ovn cattery. His daughter "Pippi" lives with us!
He is a very nice & strongboy who has been nominatet at many of his shows
See Smoky's album >>

He is a BIG boy!

Smokys father:


Sire Rossity Sheldon, SIB ns, 2006-01-04, RU/-

CH WCF & CFF Odissey Onix Gloria of Rossity, SIB ns 23, 2004-07-24, RU/-

GIC Kuzma Litvik, SIB ny 23, RU/-

Eu CH Guelious Onix Gloria, SIB n 23, RU/-

Zemfira Litvic, SIB n 21, RU/-

GIC Izuminka Onix Gloria, SIB ns 23, RU/-

EC Ajax North Wind, SIB ns 22, 1997-12-22, RU/-

CH Vasilisa Onix Gloria, SIB ny 23, RU/-

CH WCF Rossity Dunyasha, SIB n 24, RU/-

IC WCF & CH CFF Uliss Rossity, SIB ns 23, RU/-

CH Tiger Onix Gloria, SIB ny 23, RU/-

IC (WCF) Rossity Nezhdana, SIB ns 24, , RU/-

IC WCF & CH CFF Rossity Junise, SIB a, RU/-

EC (WCF) & CH CFF & RW Rossity Zeus, SIB a 09, RU/-

WCH WCF & CH CFF Rossity Knyazhna,  SIB n, RU/-

CH Nafanael Astera, SIB d 22, 2003-10-23

CH Marcel Astera, SIB ns 09 23, RU/-

IC Ike Pushystiy Khvost, SIB n 09 23, RU/-

CH Barselona, SIB ns 22, RU/-

IC Chara-Bonny Astera, SIB fy 09 23, RU/-

Anton, SIB d 09 22, RU/-

Lulu, SIB f 09 22, RU/-

Kleopatra, SIB n 09, RU/SE

Janis Anton, SIB n 09 21,

Kouzma, SIB n 09 21, RU/-

Glacha, SIB x n 21

CH Tasya, SIB x n 21,

CH Barsik Pushistik, SIB n 23, RU/-

Tamina, SIB f 09,

Del denne siden