Int.Ch.S*Kneph's Pandora  SIB g03 21

Int.Ch.S*Kneph's Pandora SIB g03 21


A young Pandora🙂

Pandora is living in a fosterhome. She is now neutered, and a happy pet in a loving family!
She has won very well at shows. She is nominated for Best in Show four times! Pandora is a big and strong girl and has a wonderfull sweet nature! Many thanks to her breeder for a outstanding girl!
She has had two lovely litters, and two of her daughters, Pippi & Paddy lives with us. She is a super producer! 

HCM tested : 2008 & 2010. 

Pandora pictured March 2011

Pandora's parents

Pandora's breeder :


PR & GIC Lumikissan Dumle, SIB a 09 24,

EC Lumikissan Blue Boy, SIB a

Sibcat's Creamy Toffifee, SIB ds 12,  FI/-

EC Sonia z Dworku Bojara, SIB g PL/FI

IC Lumikissan Aikataika, SIB n 09 22

CH Siperiankulta Diviner, SIB n 09 23FI/-

IC& PR Minnilän Iiris, SIB fs 09 22, Fi/-

IC Stimics Valkyria Gladiatorn, SIB g 09  SE/-

PR & IC Almas iz Konnji Cwora, SIB e 23, DE/SE

GEC Gimon von Mufasa, SIB n 23,  DE/-

IC Ninotschka von Mufasa, SIB d 23

EC Keysey von Mufasa, SIB g 09,  DE/SE

WCH Andrasch vom Baikalsee, SIB e 23, DE

GEC Benjuschka Dotsch von Mufasa, SIB n 09 23, DE/-

IP & IC Nikopeja's Cibor, SIB n 24, SE/-

IC Bradiaga vom Bernsteinzimmer, SIB d 23, DE/SE

CH Minnilän Isac, SIB n 09 22, 1999-12-07, FI/DE

Ch Lamica Z Dworku Bojara, SIB g 23,  PL/-

Siperiankulta Honeysuckle, SIB ns 22, 2002-04-03, FI/SE

CH Alvarado Country Cat, SIB n 09 22, CZ/FI

IC Siperiankulta Diamond, SIB ns, FI/FI

Stepanida Chingi-Tura, SIB n 09 23, RU/SE

IC Lord Natlend, SIB a 23, RU/-

CH Atos, SIB n 03 23, RU/-

Djura, SIB ns 09, RU/-

IC Sofja Chingi-Tura, SIB n 03 22, RU/-

Jostas Chingi-Tura, SIB ns 09, RU/-

Renata Bast, SIB n 09 22

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