Rosie and her daughter

Rosie and her daughter

Our first Siberian from Russia

Many thanks to Elena Goreninova for leting this lovely little big girl come and live with us! 

We are very happy with her!
She is a big girl, super eyeshape and look. Lovely temperament!

She is Grand International Champion! She has been BIV & NOM many times im Norway and Sweden. She has also been to her first show in Moscow with her breeder and won Best In Show, & Best of Best kitten! 

She is retired and lives with her son from her last litter in a super home.


Sire RW SGC TICA & EC WCF Rossity Kamysh, SIB n 22, RU/-

WCH WCF Zorij de la Mur, SIB d 23, RU/-

Bajazed, SIB n 09 22, RU/-

Martin din Gior, SIB n 09 23, RU/-

Flora Kalita, SIB n 22

Volga Rusic, SIB f

Griska, SIB d

Pavlina, SIB n 09 23

CH Rossity Aleksandra, SIB ns 22, RU/-

GIC Odissey Onix Gloria of Rossity, SIB ns 11, 2004-07-24, RU/-

GIC Kuzma Litvik, SIB ny 23, RU/-

GIC Izuminka Onix Gloria, SIB ns 23, RU/-

IC WCF Rossity Silva, SIB ny 22, 2005-03-05, RU/-

IC Lancelot Onix Gloria, SIB ny 22, RU/-

GIC WCF Rossity Gutineya, SIB n 24, 1997-11-18, RU/-

Dam Quinta Onix Gloria, SIB ny 24, RU/-

Irji iz Losinogo Ostrova, SIB n 24, RU/-

GIC Persey iz Losinogo Ostrova, SIB ns 21, RU/-

WCH Batist iz Losinogo Ostrova, SIB ns 22, RU/-

EC Bukaschka, SIB ny 21, RU/-

EC Ganechka iz Losinogo Ostrowa, SIB ny 22, RU/-

WCH Batist iz Losinogo Ostrova, SIB ns 22, RU/-

GIC Farry-Tail iz Losinogo Ostrova, SIB ny 22, RU/-

Marysya Onix Gloria, SIB ny 24, RU/-

CH Tiger Onix Gloria, SIB ny 23, RU/-

Eu CH Guelious Onix Gloria, SIB n 23, RU/-

Losana Itamhash de Germinal, SIB ny 23, RU/-

IC Anastasia Zhemchuzhina Rossi, SIB ny 24, RU/-

GIC Kuzma Litvik, SIB ny 23, RU/-

Tavolga Eukharis, SIB ny 24, RU/-

Rosies last litter:

Kittens born on December 22cnd!  

Six kittens born! One girl and five boys. Some available males at this stage. Silver, golden, and brown tabby. Classic, spotted ore mac. tabby.

This is the very last litter out of our lovely male DK*Supreme Champion Need Fur? Nirvana DM, DVM. SIB ds 23. He is now neutered. Dam is Grand.Int. Ch. Rossity Rosie *RU , SIB ny 24.

Earlier litters

Will be updated!

Rosie's breeder:

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